Solution were a Dutch jazz-rock/soul band that released six albums and a live recording on assorted labels between 1971 and 1983.

Members: Tom Barlage (saxophone, keyboards), Willem Ennes (piano, keyboards), Ad Kooi (bass, 1966-70), Ap “Appie” Alberts (saxophone, 1966), Frits Lagerwerff (trumpet, cornet, 1966-68), Frits Schmidt (drums, 1967), Hans Waterman (drums, percussion, 1967-82), Frank de Graaf (vocals, 1968), Peter van der Sande (vocals, bass, 1970-71), Gus Williams (bass, vocals, 1971-83), Louis de Vries (vocals), Harrie Hardholt (guitar, 1982), Jaap van Eik (vocals, guitar), Arthur Clarck (vocals), Adri Klöne (vocals), Michiel Pos (vocals, guitar, saxophone, flute)


  • Solution (1971)
  • Divergence (1972)
  • Cordon Bleu (1975)
  • Fully Interlocking (1977)
  • It’s Only Just Begun (1980)
  • Runaway (1982)
  • Solution Live (1983)

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