Skyy were an American soul-funk band from Brooklyn that released seven albums on Salsoul Records between 1979 and 1984. Their material was mostly written and co-produced by Randy Muller of the Brass Construction

Members: Randy Muller (keyboards), Denise Dunning (vocals), Delores Dunning (vocals), Bonny Dunning (vocals), Solomon Roberts (guitar), Anibal Anthony Sierra (guitar), Larry Greenberg (keyboards), Gerald Lebon (bass), Tommy McConnell (drums)

Skyy evolved from a Brooklyn soul-funk band called Fuel, formed in 1976 by guitarist Solomon Roberts Jr. Since the late ’60s, he ran a four-track recording facility in his parent’s basement dubbed “Hole In the Ground Studios.” Here, he recorded the band Dynamic Soul, led by his friend, keyboardist Randy Muller. During musical sets at a 1973 Miss Black America Pageant, they met the singing Dunning sisters: Bonny, Denise, and Delores. Impressed, Muller asked them to join his band, which had renamed itself Brass Construction.

The following year, Muller struck gold with “Do It ‘Til You’re Satisfied,” a cut he arranged for local rivals the B.T. Express. Soon thereafter, Brass Construction signed with United Artists and followed B.T. up the charts. With the Dunning’s, the band grew from nine to 12 members. Muller decided this was too much and dismissed them from the lineup.

Meanwhile, Fuel’s lineup featured bassist Gerald LeBon, guitarist Anibal Anthony “Butch” Sierra, drummer Tommy McConnell, and keyboardist Larry Greenberg. Lebon had worked for singer Sylvia Robinson and her protégé act, soul trio The Moments. Sierra backed Odyssey and (with Solomon) played on the 1978 Muller-produced album Perceptions by Charles Earland. McConnell served as a touring drummer for the Crown Heights Affair. With the addition of the Dunning sisters, Fuel became Skyy.

In 1979, Solomon and Muller formed Alligator Bit Him Productions and secured Skyy a contract with Salsoul Records.


  • Skyy (1979)
  • Skyway (1980)
  • Skyyport (1980)
  • Skyy Line (1981)
  • Skyyjammer (1982)
  • Skyylight (1983)
  • Inner City (1984)
  • From the Left Side (1986)


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