Simply Red

Simply Red are an English blue-eyed soul ensemble that has been active since the early 1980s. The band is named after carrot-topped frontman and sole constant member Mick Hucknall, whose impassioned vocals propelled the band to transatlantic success with their debut album Picture Book.

Members: Mick Hucknall [aka Red] (vocals, guitar), Fritz McIntyre (keyboards, 1984-96), Tony Bowers (bass, 1984-89), Chris Joyce (drums, 1984-89), Sylvan Richardson (guitar, 1984-87), Heitor Pereira [aka T.P.] (guitar, 1989-96), Aziz Ibrahim (guitar, 1987), Ian Kirkham (saxophone, 1986-2010), Tim Kellett (brass, keyboards, 1984-92)

The original formation of Simply Red fused the vibe and arrangements of ’50s vocal jazz with the grit of ’60s Stax/Volt and the string-laden ambience of ’70s Philly soul — a template shaped on early albums with a knack for songcraft indebted to the Tin Pan Alley tradition.


  • Picture Book (1985)
  • Men and Women (1987)
  • A New Flame (1989)
  • Stars (1991)
  • Life (1995)


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