Sigmund Snopek

Sigmund Snopek III (born Oct. 21, 1951) is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Milwaukee, Wisc., who first emerged in the pop-psych band Bloomsbury People, which issued a self-titled album on MGM in 1970. As a solo artist, he released the concept album Virginia Woolf on local-press Water Street Records in 1972, followed by the 1974/75 albums Trinity Seaseizesees and Nobody to Dream on the signature imprints Akashic and Couth Youth. Later in the decade, he formed the New Wave/art-pop band Snopek, which issued two album on Mountain Railroad Records in 1979/80. He resumed his solo career with the experimental 1982 release Roy Rogers Meets Albert Einstein, also on Mountain Railroad. WisconsInsane followed on Dali Records in 1987.

Sigmund Snopek’s performance credits over the years include the 1976 self-titled album by Major Arcana and the 1983 singular release by Midwest jazz-funksters Java. Further credits include titles by Betsy Kaské, Jim Spencer, Jim Post, Lou & Peter Berryman, Tom Paxton, and the Violent Femmes.


  • Virginia Woolf (1972)
  • Trinity Seaseizesees (1974)
  • Nobody to Dream (1975)
  • Thinking Out Loud (1979 • Snopek)
  • First Band on the Moon (1980 • Snopek)
  • Roy Rogers Meets Albert Einstein (1982)
  • WisconsInsane (1987)

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