Shriekback were an English ethno/art-funk band that released multiple 1982/83 shortplayers and the 1983 album Care on Y Records, followed by two albums apiece on Arista and Island between 1984 and 1988. Keyboardist/vocalist Barry Andrews hailed from the original lineup of XTC, recording two 1978 albums with the band before cutting a pair of 1979/80 solo EPs; he also partook in Robert Fripp‘s 1981 one-off project The League of Gentlemen.

Members: Dave Allen (bass), Carl Marsh (vocals), Barry Andrews (keyboards, vocals), Martyn Barker (drums), Mike Cozzi (guitar), Lu Edmonds (guitar), Wendy Partridge (backing vocals), Sarah Partridge (backing vocals), Karl Hyde (guitar)


  • Tench (EP, 1982)
  • “Accretions” / “Into Method” / “Lined Up” / “My Spine (Is the Bassline)” (1983)
  • Care (1983)
  • Jam Science (1984)
  • Oil and Gold (1985)
  • Big Night Music (1986)
  • Go Bang! (1988)

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