Shotgun was an American soul-funk band from Detroit that released three albums on ABC Records between 1977 and 1979, followed by three further titles on MCA and Montage during the early 1980s. Its members hailed from the seminal Stax ensemble 24-Carat Black.

Members: Ernest Latimore (vocals, guitar), Billy Talbert (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Larry Austin (bass), Tyrone Steels (drums, vocals), Leslie Carter (percussion), Richard Sebastian (trumpet), Greg Ingram (saxophone)

Shotgun had its roots in 24-Carat Black, a Cincinnati soul-funk ensemble that recorded the 1973 concept album Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth in Memphis with Stax producer Dale Warren. After the project ended, six of its members — guitarist/keyboardist William Talbert, drummer Tyrone Steels, guitarist/singer Ernest Lattimore, bassist Larry Austin, saxophonist Gregory Ingram, and trumpeter William Gentry — settled in Detroit, where they formed Shotgun and landed a deal with ABC Records.


  • Shotgun (1977)
  • Good, Bad & Funky (1978)
  • Shotgun III (1979)
  • Kingdom Come (1980)
  • Shotgun IV (1980)
  • Ladies Choice (1982)


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