SHOGUN were a Japanese city pop band that released two proper albums and a soundtrack on CBS/Sony in 1979/80, plus a third album on Friends Records in 1985. They originally performed as One Line Band and released the album Yellow Magic under that name on Invitation in 1978.

Members: 芳野藤丸 [Fujimaru Yoshino] (guitar, vocals), 長岡道夫 [Michio Nagaoka] (bass, vocals, 1978-80, 1997-present), 大谷和夫 [Kazuo Otani] (piano, keyboards, 1978-80, 1997-2008) 山木秀夫 [Hideo Yamaki] (drums, 1978-80), 中島御 [Osamu Nakajima] (percussion, 1978-80), Casey Rankin (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1979-98), Mike Dunn (bass, vocals, 1985)


  • Yellow Magic (1978 • One Line Band)
  • 俺たちは天使だ! (TV, 1979)
  • Rotation (1979)
  • You’re the One (1980)
  • Jus-Tus (1985 • Shogun)

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