Shanghai was an English hard-rock/blues band that released a self-titled album on Warner Bros. in 1974, followed by Fallen Heroes on Thunderbird in 1976. The second album features veteran rock vocalist Cliff Bennett (The Rebel Rousers, Toe Fat) and ex-Trifle bassist Patrick King, who next appeared in the 1978–80 lineup of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

Prior to settling on the name Shanghai, the band cut two singles as Fresh Meat and a third as Hobo. Drummer Pete Kircher later did a two-album stint with new wavers the Original Mirrors and served in the 1982–85 lineup of Status Quo. Guitarist Mick Green subsequently played in The Pirates: a pub-rock rebirth of pre-Beatles rockers Johnny Kid & The Pirates.

Members: Mick Green (guitar), Chuck Bedford (vocals, 1974-75), Pete Kircher (drums, vocals), Mike Demain (bass, keyboards, 1974-75), Cliff Bennett (vocals, 1975-76), Brian Alterman (guitar, 1975-76), Pat King (bass, 1975-76)


  • Shanghai (1974)
  • Fallen Heroes (1976)


  • “Never Mind the Money” / “Candy Eyes” (1973 • Fresh Meat)
  • “Hobo” / “If You Can’t Live (You’re Dead)” (1973 • Fresh Meat)
  • “Heard It” / “Keep the Faith” (1974 • Hobo)
  • “Candy Eyes” / “Harlem Dancer” (1975)
  • “Shakin’ All Over” / “Nobody’s Fool” (1976)

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