Shampoo were a Belgian jazz-rock/pop band that issued the album Volume One on Disques Motors in 1971. Despite the album’s title, it would be the only proper album by the band, which subsequently linked with vocal trio Hearts of Soul for the 1973 single “All of Us” / “Today Is the First Day” and the 1974 album We Love the Policeman.

Members: Luk Smets (keyboards, vocals), Cel De Cauwer (drums, percussion), Giorgio Chitschenko (saxophone), François Maes (saxophone), Rudi Pincé (bass), Yves De Vriendt (guitar), Jean-Noël Passagez (trumpet), Nick Roland (guitar, vocals), Jean Hulsens (bass, double bass), Jean-Pierre Onraedt (drums, percussion)

Shampoo saxist Giorgio Chitschenko had also been in Mad Curry, which issued a self-titled jazz-pop/psych album in 1970.


  • Volume One (1971)
  • “All of Us” / “Today Is the First Day” (1973 • Hearts of Soul & Shampoo )
  • We Love the Policeman (1974 • Hearts of Soul & Shampoo)

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