Seventh Wave

Seventh Wave was an English electro–psych duo that released the 1974–75 Gull albums Things to Come and Psi-Fi. Keyboardist–singer Ken Elliott and percussionist Kieran O’Connor hailed from Second Hand and Chillum. Elliot also cut a 1972 instrumental album as part of the studio–library project Vulcans. Before Seventh Wave, they demoed the Things to Come material on an acetate credited to Fungus.

Members: Ken Elliott (keyboards, vocals), Kieran O’Connor (percussion)

Things to Come

Seventh Wave released their first album, Things to Come, in May 1974 on Gull.

1. “Sky Scraper” (2:17)
2. “Metropolis” (4:25)
3. “Intercity Water Rat” (0:48)
4. “Escalator” (0:26)
5. “Old Dog Song” (4:12)
6. “Smog, Fog and Sunset” (3:11)
7. “Fail to See” (4:05)

8. “Premonition” (3:15)
9. “Festival” (2:05)
10. “Eversolightly” (4:33)
11. “Communication Skyways” (4:42)
12. “Things to Come” (1:46)
13. “1999 ½” (1:09)
14. “Dance of the Eloi” (1:45)

Recorded At – Chalk Farm Studios
Producer – Kieran O’Connor
Co-producer, Engineer – Neil Richmond
Engineer [Co-engineer] – John Smyth, Mike Craig, Tony McGill

Ken Elliott – Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer [Arp, Moog, Ems], Mellotron, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Vocals
Kieran O’Connor – Drums [Ludwig, Asba, Orchestral Bass Drum], Congas, Bongos, Bells [Sleigh], Cymbal [Finger, Crash], Castanets [Castinets], Handclaps, Claves, Xylophone, Vibraphone

Painting [Cover Painting] – Michael Priddle

31 May 1974
A: Metropolis
B: Festival

15 Nov 1974
A: Things To Come
B: Fail To See

In the US, Things to Come appeared in December 1974 on Janus.


Seventh Wave released their second album, Psi-Fi, in August 1975 on Gull. It features ten numbers by keyboardisy Ken Elliot, who co-wrote one (“El Tooto”) with producer–engineer Neil Richmond.

1. “Return to Foreverland” (3:47)
2. “Roads to Rome” (3:12)
3. “Manifestations” (5:41)
4. “Loved By You” (2:45)
5. “Only the Beginning” (7:58)

6. “Aether Anthem” (1:29)
7. “Astral Animal” (3:08)
8. “El Tooto” (2:11)
9. “Camera Obscura” (9:01)
10. “Star Palace of the Sombre Warrior” (6:25)

Recorded At – Chalk Farm Studios
Producer, Engineer [Console Control] – Neil Richmond

Drums, Percussion [Multi-percussion], Vocals – Kieran O’Connor
Vocals, Keyboards [Multi-keyboards], Synthesizer, Other [Pedals], Percussion – Ken Elliott

Electric Bass, Double Bass – Steve Cook (2) (tracks: B1, B3)
Organ, Keyboards [Crumar Stringman] – Brian Gould (tracks: A5, B5)
Organ, Synthesizer [Melatron, Arp] – Hugh Banton (tracks: A3)
Other [Fugal Inspiration] – Hugh Banton (tracks: B5)
Bongos – Tony Elliott (tracks: A5)
Percussion [Multi-percussion], Other [Kind Energy] – Tony Utah* (tracks: B4)
Sequenced By – Chris Amson (tracks: A3)
Synthesizer [Arp, Rmi], Keyboards [Crumar Piano] – Pete Lemer* (tracks: A3, A5, B1, B3, B5)
Vocals – Pepi Lemer (tracks: A3), Rob Elliott (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5, B2, B4), Tony Elliott (tracks: A3, B5)

Artwork [Colour Retouching] – T & S
Design [Sleeve] – Gull Graphics, John Pasche
Photography By [Back] – Mick Rock
Photography By [Cover] – Phil Jude

12 Sep 1975
A: Manifestations
B: Only the Beginning (Part 1)

A: Only The Beginning
B: Loved By You


  • Things to Come (1974)
  • Psi-Fi (1975)


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