Semiramis were an Italian symphonic/art-rock band that released the album Dedicato a Frazz on Trident in 1973. The members of the band were 17–18 years old at the time of the album’s release.

Members: Maurizio Zarrillo (keyboards), Marcello Reddavide (bass), Memmo Pulvano (drums, 1970-73), Maurizio Macos [Maurizio Macioce] (vocals, 1970-72), Michele Zarrillo (guitar, vocals, 1972-74), Paolo Faenza (drums, percussion, vibraphone, 1973-74), Giampiero Artegiani (keyboards, acoustic guitar, 1973-74), Toni Massarutto (bass, ?-1974), Giulio Ferrarin (keyboards, ?-1974)


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