Schicke, Führs & Fröhling

Schicke Führs Fröhling (SFF) were a German symphonic-rock band that released three albums on Brain between 1976 and 1979. After the departure of drummer/percussionist Eduard Schicke, the remaining two continued as Führs & Fröhling.

Members: Eduard Schicke (drums, percussion, Moog, metallophone, xylophone), Gerd Führs (grand piano, electric piano, Moog, clavinet, Mellotron, ARP Solina string ensemble, basset horn), Heinz Fröhling (bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Mellotron, clavinet, ARP Solina string ensemble)

In 1974, drummer Eduard Schicke (b. 1947) and guitarist Heinz Fröhling (b. 1951) played in the symphonic-rock quartet Spektakel. Though they didn’t make a proper album, they were a popular draw in northern Germany. That September, they recorded three lengthy studio tracks at Spektakel Studio, Steenfelde (later paired with a 20-minute live number on an archival CD by Laser’s Edge). They also served as the backing band on the album Wie Jedermann Geboren Und Gestorben by singer/songwriter Ulrich Cop.

Keyboardist Gerd Führs (1955–1992), then in a jazz-rock band called Sampsel, caught Spektakel live and approached Schicke and Fröhling after the show. After witnessing Führs’ abilities, they decided to form a trio. They rehearsed for six months in a studio farm where they lived communally and honed their sound and repertoire. In 1975, they made their live premiere before 5,000 attendees of the German Rock Festival, Circus Krone, Munich. Metronome Records signed the trio and tapped Frank Zappa as their producer. Due to scheduling conflicts, they ultimately linked with producer Dieter Dierks (Wallenstein, Tea, Atlantis, Scorpions).



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