Scars were a Scottish post-punk band from Edinburgh that released the single “Adult/ery” / “Horrorshow” on Fast Product in 1979. They followed it with three 1980/81 singles on Charisma-subsidiary Pre, culminating with the 1981 album Author! Author! Their first single was immortalized by its inclusion on the sampler Fast Product: The First Year Plan and its stateside variant Mutant Pop 78/79 -> along with tracks by 2.3, The Human League, Gang of Four, The Mekons, and The Flowers.

Members: Robert King (vocals), Paul Research (guitar), John Mackie (bass), Calumn Mackay (drums, 1977-80), Steve McLaughlin (drums, 1980-82)


  • Author! Author! (1981)


  • “Adult/ery” / “Horrorshow” (1979)
  • “Love Song” / “Psychomodo” (1980)
  • “They Came and Took Her” / “Romance By Mail” (1980)
  • “All About You” / “Author! Author!” (1981)

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