Savage were an English hard-rock/metal band from Mansfield that released the album Loose ‘n Lethal on NWOBHM-specialty label Ebony Records in 1983, followed by Hyperactive on Zebra/Axe Killer in 1985. Five further titles appeared during the subsequent 30-year period on Neat Metal and Minuszzebra.

Members: Chris Bradley (vocals, bass), Andy Dawson (guitar, vocals), Simon Dawson (drums, 1978-79), Andy Bradbury (guitar, 1978-?), Wayne Renshaw (guitar, 1979-?), Dave Lindley (drums, 1980-?, 1995-?), Chris Gent (vocals), Mick Percival (drums), Mark Brown (drums), Richard Kirk (drums), Lee Statham (guitar), Teggi (guitar)


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