Satin Whale

Satin Whale were a German symphonic-rock band that debuted with the album Desert Places on Brain/Metronome in 1974, followed by two albums and a live double-LP on Nova between 1975 and 1978. Three further albums appeared on Strand and Polydor between 1978 and 1981.

Members: Thomas Brück (bass, vocals), Gerald Dellmann (organ, piano, ARP Solina string ensemble, synthesizer, vibraphone, Moog, marimba, tubular bells, glockenspiel), Horst Schättgen (drums, vocals, 1971-74), Dieter Roesberg (guitar, saxophone, flute, vocals, harmonica, 1972-81), Wolfgang Hieronymi (drums, 1974-81), Barry Palmer (vocals, 1980-81), Eberhard Wagner (guitar, 1980-81), Pete Haaser (piano, organ, synthesizer, 1980-81)


  • Desert Places (1974)
  • Lost Mankind (1975)
  • As a Keepsake (1977)
  • A Whale of a Time (1978)
  • Whalecome (live, 1978)
  • Die Faust in der Tasche (OST, 1979)
  • On Tour (1979)
  • Don’t Stop the Show (1981)

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