Sassafras were a Welsh hard-rock/boogie band from Caerdydd that released the album Expecting Company on Polydor in 1973, followed by two on Chrysalis between 1975 and 1976. The band formed in 1970 and gigged for more than three decades after their brief cluster of recorded activity. One of their concerts from 1978 was issued on CDr a quarter-century later on self-press Iberico.

Members: Ralph Evans (guitar, vocals), Ricky John Holt (bass, vocals), Rob Reynolds (drums), Terry Bennett (vocals, 1971-2003), Richie Galloni (vocals), David “Dai” Shell (guitar), Steve Finn (bass, vocals), Ray Jones (bass, vocals), Marco James (keyboards, mandolin, violin), Rob “Congo” Jones (drums), Chris Sharley (drums), Peter Stroud (drums), Gary Davies (drums)


  • Expecting Company (1973)
  • Wheelin’ n’ Dealin’ (1975)
  • Riding High (1976)
  • Live [archival] (2001)

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