Sandy Coast

Sandy Coast were a Dutch Nederbeat/psych band from Voorburg that released a string of 1965–67 singles on Delta, followed by the album From the Workshop on Relax in 1968. A switch to Page One yielded the album Shipwreck in 1969, after which the band issued two albums on Polydor between 1971 and 1973.

Members: Hans Vermeulen (guitar, piano, vocals), Jan Vermeulen (bass), Onno Bevoort (drums), Ron Westerbeek (keyboards), Ab Tamboer (drums), Charles Bersbergen (guitar), Hans Hollestelle (guitar), Hans Jansen (keyboards), Henk Smitskamp (bass), Jos de Jager (bass), Ton op ‘t Hof (drums), Marian Noble (vocals, 1972-73)


  • From the Workshop (1968)
  • Shipwreck (1969)
  • Sandy Coast (1971)
  • Stonewall (1973)
  • Terreno (1981)
  • The Eyes of Jenny (1983)

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