Samurai were a Japanese psych-rock band from Tokyo that released a clutch of 1968–70 singles on Nippon, London, and Philips as Miki Curtis & The Samurais. Under the mononymous nameplate, the band released two albums on Philips in 1970/71. Bassist Tetsu Yamauchi subsequently played with Free and the Faces.

Members: Miki Curtis (vocals, flute), Joe Dunnet (guitar), Hiro Izumi (guitar, koto), John Redfern (organ), Tetsu Yamauchi (bass), Mike Walker (vocals, piano), Yuji [Yujin] Harada (drums), Graham Smith (harmonica)


  • “Shu Shu” / “Fresh Hot Breeze of Summer” (1968 • The Samurai)
  • “Good Morning Starshine” / “Temple of Gold” (1969)
  • Samurai (2LP, 1970)
  • Kappa (1971)

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