I Salis were an Italian pop band fronted by brothers Antonio and Francesco Salis, who released several singles as Salis n Salis at the turn of the 1970s on Belldisc Italiana. Between 1971 and 1974, the band released two singles with accompanying singles on Produttori Associati and Cipiti Record. Evolving with the times, the band released the symphonic-oriented Dopo il Buio la Luce on International Audio Film in 1979.

Members: Antonio Salis (bass, vocals), Francesco Salis (guitar, vocals), Pier Paderni (keyboards), Paolo Gerardini (drums), Antonio Lotta (keyboards, 1978-79), Antonio Sardu (drums, 1978-79)


  • Sa vida ita est (1971)
  • Seduto sull’alba a guardare (1974)
  • Dopo il buio la luce (1979)

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