Salada de Frutas

Salada de Frutas were a Portuguese New Wave band that released three albums and four singles on Rossil and Edisom between 1980 and 1983, shortening their name to Salada for the final album and single.

Members: Lena d’Água (vocals, 1980-81), Luís Pedro Fonseca (keyboards, vocals, 1980-81), Zé da Ponte (bass, guitar, vocals), Guilherme Inês (drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, keyboards), José Moz Carrapa (guitar), Zé Nabo, Carlos Pereira (vocals), Quico Serrano (keyboards)


  • Sem Açúcar (1980)
  • Se Cá Nevasse… (1981)
  • Crime Perfeito (1982 • Salada)

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