Sad Lovers & Giants

Sad Lovers & Giants were an English New Wave/dream-pop band from Watford, Hertfordshire, that debuted with an EP on self-press Last Movement in 1981, followed by five studio albums and a live disc on post-punk specialty label Midnight Music between 1982 and 1991.

Members: Garce (vocals), Nigel Pollard (drums, percussion), Tristan Garel-Funk (guitar, 1981-84), Cliff Silver (bass, 1981-?), David Wood (keyboards, saxophone, 1981-?), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards, 1986-?), Ian Gibson (bass, 1986-present), Tony McGuinness (guitar, 1986-present)


  • Clé (EP, 1981)
  • Epic Garden Music (1982)
  • Feeding the Flame (1983)
  • Total Sound (live, 1986)
  • The Mirror Test (1987)
  • Headland (1990)
  • Treehouse Poetry (1991)

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