Ryo Kawasaki

Ryo Kawasaki — 川崎燎 (Feb. 25, 1947) — is a Japanese jazz-rock guitarist who released the album Juice on RCA in 1976, followed by a pair of titles on East Wind and a further round of discs on assorted labels over the ensuing seven-year period. His emergence as a solo artist coincided with a two-album stint in the Manhattan-based jazz-funk/soul band Tarika Blue. Earlier in the 1970s, he played in Takeshi Inomata’s Sound Limited and also appeared on recordings by Steve Marcus, Gil Evans, and Cedar Walton.


  • Juice (1976)
  • Eight Mile Road (1976)
  • Ring Toss (1977)
  • Nature’s Revenge (1978)
  • Prism (1978, recorded 1975)
  • Trinkets and Things (1978 • Joanne Brackeen & Ryo Kawasaki)
  • Mirror of My Mind (1979)
  • Little Tree (1980 • Ryo Kawasaki And The Golden Dragon)
  • Ryo Featuring “Concerto de Aranjuez” (1982 • Ryo)
  • Lucky Lady (1983)
  • Images (1987)

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