Room was an English jazz-rock/soul band from Blandford Forum, Dorset, that released the album Pre-Flight on Deram in 1970.

Members: Chris Williams [C.K. Williams] (lead guitar), Roy Putt (bass), Pete Redfern (drums, 1968-69), Roger Hope (vocals, 1968), Scott (guitar, 1968), Jane Kevern (vocals, tambourine, harmonium, 1968-?), Steve Edge (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, 1968-70), Bob Jenkins (drums, congas, percussion, 1969-?)

Room formed in 1968 and underwent a series of lineup changes before settling on the five-piece soul-rock iteration with Jane Kevern on vocals. They released their singular album Pre-Flight on UK Deram (SML 1073) in 1970. It features seven originals, including “Andromeda,” “War,” “No Warmth In My Life,” and the epic “Cemetery Junction (Part I & II).” The songs were primarily written by lead guitarist Chris Williams, save for the two-part title-track, written by rhythm guitarist Steve Edge.

Room is backed on select passages by a nine-piece string section and five brass/woodwind players. Trumpeter Nigel Carter also played on albums by Michael Gibbs, Bob Downes, and Neil Ardley during the early 1970s. Pre-Flight was produced by Mickey Clarke (Raw Material, Stonehouse) with arrangements by Richard Hartley (Continuum, Liverpool Express). The cover depicts a wobbly Roe III Triplane circa 1910.

Pre-Flight was first reissued on Deram Japan in 1990. It has since received more than 10 further re-pressings on Si-Wan (South Korea), Akarma (Italy), Private Area (Russia), and other specialty labels. 



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