Roderick Falconer

Roderick Falconer (aka Rod Taylor) is an American musician, poet, and television producer. As Rod Taylor, he released a 1973 singer/songwriter album on Asylum. Under the Roderick Falconer stage name, he made the 1976/77 UA albums New Nation and Victory in Rock City, both glam-rock efforts inspired by David Bowie‘s 1972–74 output. He made two further albums: the 1981 German Metronome release Straight (as Roderick Taylor) and the 1984 MCA title Rules of Attraction (as Rod Falconer).

He was born Roderick Littleton Taylor in 1950. 

Rod Taylor

Roderick released the album Rod Taylor in 1973 on Asylum.

New Nation

Roderick Falconer released his second album, New Nation, in September 1976 on United Artists. 

Victory in Rock City

Roderick Falconer released his third album, Victory in Rock City, in June 1977 on United Artists. 


Roderick Taylor released his fourth album, Straight, in 1981 on Metronome. 


  • Rod Taylor (1973 • Rod Taylor)
  • New Nation (1976)
  • Victory in Rock City (1977)
  • Straight (1978 • Roderick Taylor)
  • Rules of Attraction (1984)


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