Rimona Francis

Rimona Francis is an Israeli jazz vocalist, pianist, and composer who recorded sporadically during the late 1960s and 1970s. In 1969, she released two albums with orchestral conductor Stu Hacohen on the Israphon and Hed-Arzi labels.

The mid-’70s found Francis in backing mode. Her ARP Solina playing and vocals feature on the 1976 album Majesty Music by Czech bassist Miroslav Vitous. That same year, she sang on the Futures Passed album by American malletist/composer David Friedman.

In 1978, Francis issued an eponymous album on MPS with Rhodes/synthesizer backing by Jasper Van’t Hof.


  • Badabada (with Stu Hacohen, 1969)
  • Rimona Francis With Stu Hacohen’s Orchestra (1969)
  • Rimona Francis (1978)

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