Rictus were a French symphonic-rock band that released three albums on assorted labels between 1981 and 1988.

Members: Roland Brultey (keyboards, backing vocals), Jean-Claude Schmidt (vocals), Daniel Aizier (guitar), Daniel Corbont (bass), Jean-Marie Wisselmann (drums), François Corbont (drums), Agnès Brice (bass, backing vocals), Stephen Durand (guitar, backing vocals), Loïc Mahé (drums, backing vocals), Jean-Luc Machurey (guitar), Philippe Medjaldi (guitar), Fabrice Bony (drums)

  • Christelle ou la decouverte du mal (1981)
  • Candide, Pangloss, Cunegonde et les autres (1983)
  • Le jour d’après (1988)

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