Resurrection Band

The Resurrection Band were an American Christian hard-rock unit that self-released two cassette albums circa 1973/74. The band released a pair of albums on Star Song in 1978 and 1979, followed by a trio of titles on Light Records during the early 1980s and another three albums on Sparrow mid-decade. The nameplate was altered to Rez on most of the band’s 1984–93 output.

Members: Glenn Kaiser (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, harmonica), Wendi Kaiser (vocals), Stu Heiss (guitar, keyboards), Jim Denton (bass guitar, keyboards, 1974-87), Roy Montroy (bass guitar, keyboards, 1987-2000), John Herrin (drums)


  • All Your Life (cassette, 1973)
  • Music to Raise the Dead (cassette, 1974)
  • Awaiting Your Reply (1978)
  • Rainbow’s End (1979)
  • Colours (1980)
  • Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore (1981)
  • D.M.Z. (1982)
  • Hostage! (1984 • Rez Band)
  • Between Heaven ‘n Hell (1985 • Rez)
  • Silence Screams (1988 • Rez)
  • Innocent Blood (1989 • Rez)

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