Repetition were an English post-punk band from London that released two singles on the Belgian label Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1981, followed by a third single on Red Flame in 1982.

Guitarist Pete Petrol hailed from the 1978/79 iterations of the Spizz franchise, Spizzoil and Spizzenergi. Repetition’s second single, “A Full Rotation,” also features long-running Spizz bassist James T. Solar. Petrol and Solar cut a 1982 single as Panorama.

Repetition vocalist Sarah Osbourne concurrently sang with Belgian post-punk/funksters Allez Allez and served as Boy George’s makeup artist. In 1983, she married Heaven 17 frontman Glenn Gregory.

Members: Sarah Osbourne [Sarah Gregory] (vocals, 1979-80, 1982), Tim Transe (drums), ASDH [Andy C. Hooper] (synthesizer), Nicolas (bass), Pete Petrol (guitar), Steve Musham (vocals, guitar, bass, 1980-82), James T. Solar [Jim Solar] (bass, guitar, 1981), Jim Hoser (1982), Tracey Sparkes, John Laurenson (1982)


  • “The Still Reflex” / “Fade Out” (1981)
  • “A Full Rotation” / “The Body Cries” (1981)
  • “A Will to Win” / “Love What You Miss” / “Chance” (1982)

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