Red Rider

Red Rider were a Canadian hard-rock band from Toronto that released seven albums on Capitol between 1980 and 1989, scoring a huge international hit with “Lunatic Fringe” from their 1981 release As Far as Siam. The final three albums give featured billing to frontman and once-and-future solo artist Tom Cochrane.

Members: Tom Cochrane (vocals, guitar), Ken Greer (guitar), Jeff Jones (bass, 1976-86), Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve (bass, 1986-90), Peter Boynton (keyboards, 1976-83), Steve Sexton (keyboards, 1983-84), John Webster (keyboards, 1984-86), Rob Baker (drums, 1976-86), Mickey Curry (drums, 1986-90)


  • Don’t Fight It (1980)
  • As Far as Siam (1981)
  • Neruda (1983)
  • Breaking Curfew (1984)
  • Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (1986 • Tom Cochrane & Red Rider)
  • Victory Day (1988 • Tom Cochrane & Red Rider)
  • The Symphony Sessions (live, 1989 • Tom Cochrane and Red Rider)

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