Red Noise

Red Noise were a French avant-garde/psych band that released the album Sarcelles – Lochères on Futura in 1971. Guitarist Patrick Vian would later release the seminal electronic album Bruits et Temps Analogues.

Members: Patrick Vian (guitar, 1968-72), Serge Catalano (drums, 1968-70), Daniel Geoffroy (bass, 1968-71), Francis Lemonnier (saxophone, 1968-70), Claude Senin (saxophone, 1970-71), Jean-Claude Cenci (saxophone, 1971-72), Philip Barry (drums, 1970-71), Marc Blanc (drums, 1971-72), Daniel Ceccaldi (bass, 1971-72)


  • Sarcelles – Lochères (1971)

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