Red Crayola

The Red Crayola were an American psych-rock band from Houston, Tex., that released two albums on International Artists in 1967/68. The nameplate was reactivated in 1979 for the Radar Records release Soldier-Talk, recorded with members of Pere Ubu. A string of titles followed on Rough Trade and RecRec during the early 1980s, mostly in collaboration with the conceptual art group Art & Language.

Members: Mayo Thompson (vocals, guitar), Frederick Barthelme (drums, 1966-70, 1999), Steve Cunningham (bass, 1966-68, 1999), Bonnie Emerson (1966), Danny Schact (1966), Tommy Smith (1968), Jesse Chamberlain (drums, 1976-83), Gina Birch (1979-81), Lora Logic (saxophone, vocals, 1979-81), George Ovan (1979), Angus Gaye (1979), Epic Soundtracks (1979-81), Allen Ravenstine (synthesizer, 1983)


  • The Parable of Arable Land (1967 • The Red Crayola with The Familiar Ugly)
  • God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It (1968 • The Red Krayola)
  • Soldier-Talk (1979 • The Red Crayola)
  • Kangaroo? (1981 • The Red Crayola with Art & Language)
  • Corrected Slogans (1982 • Art & Language and The Red Crayola)
  • Black Snakes (1983 • Red Crayola with Art & Language)
  • Three Songs on a Trip to the United States (1983 • The Red Crayola)

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