Recreation were a Belgian organ-psych trio from Liège that released the album Don’t Open on Triangle in 1970, followed by a standalone single and the album Music or Not Music on Barclay in 1972. The first album was given an eponymous issue on the German Bellaphon label with Italian fresco cover art. Drummer Francis Lonneux and bassist Jean-Paul Vandenbossche hailed from the beat combo Les Mistigris, which cut four singles on Arsa and Supraphon in 1964/65, plus an additional three in 1966/67 as the backing act for Turkish star Barış Manço.

Members: Jean-Jacques Falaise (keyboards, guitar), Francis Lonneux (drums), Jean-Paul Vandenbossche (bass)


  • Don’t Open [aka Recreation] (1970)
  • Music or Not Music (1972)
  • “Love Forever” / “Fallen Astronauts” (1972)

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