Re-Flex was an English synthpop band that released the album The Politics of Dancing in 1983 on EMI. In 1985, they recorded a second album that later appeared as the archival CD Humanication.

Members: John Baxter (vocals, guitar), Paul Fishman (keyboards, computer), Nigel Ross-Scott (bass), Roland Vaughan Kerridge (drums, percussion, programming)


Re-Flex formed in 1981 when Kent-born guitarist–singer John Baxter teamed with veteran keyboardist Paul Fishman.

Fishman was the mastermind of Absolute Elsewhere, an instrumental new age project that involved ex-Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford. They recorded one album, In Search of Ancient Gods, in 1976 on Warner Bros. He also cut soul-funk singles under the studio monikers N.R.G. and Jambo & Co. In 1980, he appeared on soundtrack recordings for Riding High and (with Leo Sayer) The Missing Link.

Baxter and Fishman initially formed Re-Flex with bassist François Craig and two aspiring drummers: Phil Gould and Mark King. Craig produced the 1981 single “(I Wish I Was A) Camera” by JCB (the John Clay Band, a spinoff of ’77 Brighton punks Joe Cool & The Killers). Gould and King surfaced in Level 42 in the respective slots of drummer and singer–bassist. Drummer Roland Vaughn Kerridge took their spot in Re-Flex.

Ex-Camera Club keyboardist Thomas Dolby introduced Re-Flex to bassist Nigel Ross-Scott, an alumni of prog-punks Gloria Mundi. The lineup of Baxter, Fishman, Kerridge, and Ross-Scott landed a deal with EMI.


  • The Politics of Dancing (1983)
  • Humanication (2002, recorded 1985)


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