Random Hold

Random Hold were an English New Wave/art-rock band from London that released a self-titled EP and a standalone single on Polydor in 1979, followed by the album The View From Here in 1980. That same year, contents from all three releases were compiled onto the U.S. Passport release Etceteraville. A change in lineup yielded three further singles and a second album on RCA between 1981 and 1982. Demos from the band’s 1977–78 period were later issued on the Voiceprint CD Over View.

Members: David Ferguson (keyboards), David Rhodes (guitar, vocals, 1977-80), Simon Ainley [aka Sharkstation] (guitar, vocals, 1977-79), Bill MacCormick (bass, 1978-80), Richard Marcangelo (drums, 1978), Dave Leach (drums, 1978-79), Pete Phipps (drums, 1979-82), Andy Prince (bass, 1981-?), Nigel Hardy (bass), Martyn Swain (bass, ?-1982), Steve Wilkin (guitar, 1981-82), Susan Raven (vocals, 1981-82)


  • Random Hold (EP, 1979)
  • The View From Here (1980)
  • Etceteraville (1980)
  • Burn the Buildings (1982)
  • Over View (2001, recorded 1978–81)

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