Ram Jam

Ram Jam were an American hard-rock band from NYC that released two albums on Epic in 1977/78. Guitarist Bill Bartlett and bassist Howie Blauvelt respectively hailed from the ’60s pop-psych bands The Lemon Pipers and The Hassles.

Members: Bill Bartlett (guitar), Howie Blauvelt (bass), Myke Scavone (vocals), Peter Charles (drums), Gregg Hoffman (guitar, 1976, 1994), Sherwin Ross (vocals, 1976), Dennis Feldman (bass, 1976), David Beck (keyboards, 1976), Glen Dove (drums, 1976), Jimmy Santoro (guitar, 1978-79)


  • Ram Jam (1977)
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram (1978)

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