Radio Birdman

Radio Birdman was an Australian proto-punk band from Sydney that released the 1976 EP Burn My Eye and the 1977 album Radios Appear on indie Trafalgar Records. Before their 1978 breakup, they completed a third album that later appeared as Living Eyes.

Members: Deniz Tek (guitar), Rob Younger (vocals), Ron Keeley (drums), Pip Hoyle (keyboards), Carl Rorke (bass, 1974-75), Warwick Gilbert (bass), Chris Masuak (guitar)

Radio Birdman formed in Syndey in mid-1974 when guitarist Deniz Tek (ex-TV Jones) teamed with singer Rob Younger (ex-Rats). They completed the initial lineup with bassist Carl Rorke, drummer Ron Keeley, and keyboardist Philip “Pip” Hoyle, a classical player. The new band named itself after mondegreen on “1970,” a track on The Stooges album Fun House (the actual lyric is “radio burnin'”). 


  • Burn My Eye (EP, 1976)
  • Radios Appear (1977)
  • Living Eyes (1981, recorded 1978)


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