Quill were an American symphonic-rock trio that self-released the album Sursum Corda in 1977.

Members: Keith Christian (vocals, bass, classical guitar), Ken DeLoria (Hammond organ, Moog, Mellotron, electric harpsichord, grand piano, ARP Solina string synthesizer, keyboards), Jim Sides (vocals, drums, bells, tubular bells, timpani)

Quill formed in California in 1975. Their 1977 singular album, Sursum Corda, was test-pressed in a limited run with a plain white cover. It consists of the title-suite, split across two sides and sub-divided into 18 sections. Keyboardist Ken DeLoria plays a large arsenal consisting of Hammond B3 organ, Steinert grand piano, dual custom Moog, ARP String Ensemble, Baldwin electric harpsichord, and the RMI keyboard computer. The music is often compared to Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Though the 1977 test-press didn’t gain Quill the desired major-label deal, Sursum Corda attained cult status after its 1993 reissue on Greg Walker’s Syn-phonic label. This release, as well as the second reissue from 2004, bears an eleborate cover illustration by Rick Sharp, who also did artwork for the 1976/77 albums This Is Another Day by Andraé Crouch and the Disciples and The New Earth by John Michael Talbot. Art direction was handled by Mike Iannone, who also supervised the visuals on reissued albums by Yezda Urfa, Cathedral, Mirthrandir, Stray Dog, Tear Gas, and Touch.


  • Sursum Corda (1977)

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