Queensrÿche were an American metal band from Bellevue, Wash., that released an EP and three albums on EMI America between 1983 and 1988, followed by three further titles on the label during the subsequent decade.

Members: Michael Wilton (guitar, backing vocals), Eddie Jackson (bass, backing vocals), Scott Rockenfield (drums, percussion, keyboards), Chris DeGarmo (guitar, backing vocals, 1981-98), Geoff Tate (vocals, keyboards, saxophone, 1981-2012), Kelly Gray (guitar, backing vocals, 1998-2001), Mike Stone (guitar, backing vocals, 2001-09), Parker Lundgren (guitar, backing vocals, 2009-present), Todd La Torre (vocals, 2012-present)


  • Queensrÿche (EP, 1983)
  • The Warning (1984)
  • Rage for Order (1986)
  • Operation: Mindcrime (1988)
  • Empire (1990)
  • Promised Land (1994)

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