Python Lee Jackson

Python Lee Jackson were an Australian blues-rock/soul band from Sydney that released four singles on CBS and Parlophone circa 1966/67. In 1969, the band cut the single “In a Broken Dream” with guest vocals by Rod Stewart. Three years later, renewed interest in the song prompted a namesake album on GNP Crescendo.

Members: Frank Kennington (vocals, 1965-66), Mick Liber (guitar, 1965-67, 1968-72), David Montgomery (drums, 1965-72), Roy James (bass, 1965-66), Bob Brady (vocals, 1966), David Bentley (keyboards, vocals, 1966, 1968-72), Lloyd Hardy [aka Cadillac Lloyd Hudson, aka Virgil East] (bass, 1966-67), Malcolm McGee (vocals, 1966-68), Bob Welsh (piano, 1966-67), Duncan McGuire (bass, 1966), Dave MacTaggart (bass, 1967-68), Bernie McGann (saxophone 1967-68), Laurie Arthur (guitar, 1967-68), John Helman (bass, 1968), Jamie Byrne (bass), Tony Cahill (bass, 1972), Gary Boyle (guitar, 1972), Chris Belshaw (bass, 1972)


  • In a Broken Dream (1972)

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