Purple Image

Purple Image were an American soul-psych band from Cleveland that released a self-titled album on Map City in 1970.

Members: Warren Adams (vocals, piano, organ), Kenneth Roberts (vocals, rhythm guitar), William Adams (vocals, congas), Frank Smith (lead guitar), Del Moran (bass), Richard Payne (drums), Diane Dunlap (vocals)

“Living In the Ghetto” – yelping voices herald the smoldering fuzztone-riff, an octave-spanning run of notes in E… lyrical vignettes about crowded house family life in the tenements…. Pauses during the questioning verses, asking “must it be this way (?)… @2:30, break around throbbing bassline, fuzzy tones mount, percussion loosens, layers of voices and noise ensue… jam session, banging on metals, lead and rhythm fuzz colliding with bass ostinato, poking lead licks … rhythm becomes more fluid @4:50, flowing open cadence, rattling cymbals, free-form guitar lines… rapid fire toms @6:00 leads to climax

“Why” – misty/windy/jet-engine sounds swirl around, joined by echoeing, gostly voices after 30 seconds.. an “aw” herads the outbreak of song @ around :50, built on fuzzy/phased guitar figure climbing 1-3-4-5 in Am with lockstep harmonies… engulfed into fuzzy/phlanged haze at 2:45…mid section with main riff wound forward/backward…. Swirling mist of fuzz and smoke over brisk half-step bassline (E-F-E-F-E)


  • Purple Image (1970)

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