Pulsar was a French space-rock band that released the albums Pollen (1975) and The Strands of the Future (1976) on Kingdom Records, followed by the 1977 CBS release Halloween. Adopting a minimal-wave sound, they issued the 1981 album Bienvenue au conseil d’administration! on self-press Compagnie du Théâtre de la Satire.

Members: Jacques Roman (keyboards, Hammond organ, Moog, Mellotron, bass), Gilbert Gandil (guitar, vocals), Victor Bosch (drums, percussion, vibraphone), Philippe Roman (bass, vocals, 1971-76), Roland Richard (flute, clarinet, piano, ARP Solina string ensemble, 1974-present), Michel Masson (bass, 1977-82)

Pulsar formed in 1971 as a quartet comprised of organist Jacques Roman, guitarist Gilbert Gandil, bassist Philippe Roman, and drummer Victor Bosch. They made their vinyl debut with the organ-psych rocker “Pulsar,” recorded live at the Golf Drouot nightclub in Paris and released on Groovy Pop Session, a 1972 compilation of new French acts (Ange, Tac Poum Systeme) released on Philips.

In 1974, pianist and reedist Roland Richard joined Pulsar, which recorded its debut album at Diagram Studio, Saint-Etienne.



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