Psycho were a Greek New Wave/art-pop duo comprised of vocalists Dora Antoniadis and Stefanos Kotatis. The band issued the album Montage Fatal in 1982 on WEA Records with backing by multi-instrumentalist Stamatis Spanoudakis. The nameplate derived from the album’s opening track “Psycho Killer,” a cover of the Talking Heads song.

Though initially a one-album project, Kotatis later reactivated Psycho as a trio for the 1987 album 40 Days.

Members: Στέφανος Κοτατής [Stefanos Kotatis] (vocals), Ντόρα Αντωνιάδου [Dora Antoniadou] (keyboards, vocals, 1982), Μαρίνα Δημητρίου [Marina Dimitriou] (vocals, 1987), Ανδρέας Μπαλζάρ [Andreas Balzar] (keyboards, guitar, 1987)

  • Montage Fatal (1982)
  • 40 Days (1987)

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