Psiglo were an Uruguayan psych-rock/folk band that was active during the first half of the 1970s. The band debuted with Ideación on Sondor-subsidiary Clave in 1973. Though the effort drew audiences with its eclectic music and arresting cover art, the followup would be shelved until 1981, long after the band had ceased activity.

Members: Luis Cesio (guitar, vocals), César Rechac (bass, guitar), Jorge Walter García Banegas (keyboards), Julio Dallier (guitar, 1970-71), Carmelo Albano (drums, 1970-71), Ruben Melogno (vocals, 1971-75), Gonzalo Farrugia (drums, 1971-74), Hermes Calabria (drums, 1974-75), Gustavo “Mamut” Muñoz (bass, 1974), Charlie Oviedo (bass, 1974-75)


  • Ideación (1973)
  • Psiglo II (1981, recorded 1974)

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