Prudence were a Norwegian folk-rock/psych band that released three singles circa 1970/71 on Experience Records, followed by four albums between 1972 and 1975 on Polydor.

Members: Åge Aleksandersen (guitar, vocals), Per Erik Wallum (vocals, flute, harmonica), Terje Tysland (accordion, guitar, piano, vocals), Johan Tangen (mandolin, guitar), Kjell Ove Riseth (bass), Kaare Skevik Jr. (drums), Jan Devik (bass, guitar, vocals)


  • “Into the Fire” / “Kom bli med til København” (1970)
  • “My New Day” / “The Sky Gets Blue” (1971)
  • “Small Things in Life” / “Hairy Fairies” (1971)
  • Tomorrow May Be Vanished: Victoria “Så bærre pass dæ!” (1972)
  • Drunk and Happy (1973)
  • No. 3 (1974)
  • Takk te dokk (1975)
  • 11/12 ’75 (live, 1976)

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