Progresiv TM

Progresiv TM were a Romanian hard-rock band that was active for seven years during the 1970s. The band debuted with a 1974 single on Electrecord, which issued their popular full-length Dreptul de a Visa in 1976. Following several changes in personnel, the band released their second album in 1979 and promptly folded.

Members: Harry Coradini (vocals), Ladislau Herdina (guitar, vocals), Helmuth Moszbruker (drums, 1972-76), Zoltan Kovacs (bass, 1972-75), Ştefan Péntek (organ, 1972-76), Ilie Stepan (bass, 1975-76), Gheorghe Torz (flute, 1975-76), Mihai Farcaş (drums, 1975-76), Liviu Tudan (bass, piano, vocals, 1976-79), Florin Ochescu (guitar, 1976-79), Dumitru Bădilă (drums, 1976), Ion Cristian (drums, vocals, 1976-79)


  • “Amintiri” / “Anotimpuri” (1974)
  • Dreptul de a Visa (1976)
  • Puterea Muzicii (1979)

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