Present were a Belgian chamber-rock/Zeuhl ensemble that was initially active during the first half of the 1980s. The band was headed by erstwhile Univers Zéro guitarist Roger Trigaux and also included ongoing UZ drummer Daniel Denis, who concurrently played in Art Zoyd while recording the debut Present album Triskaidékaphobie, released in 1980 on Atem. A second album, Le Poison qui Rend Fou, appeared in 1985 on Cuneiform.

Members: Roger Trigaux (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Daniel Denis (drums), Christian Genet (bass), Alain Rochette (piano, keyboards), Réginald Trigaux (vocals, guitar), Guy Segers (bass), Pierre Chevalier (piano, keyboards), Keith Macksoud (bass), David Davister (drums), Bruno Bernas (bass, vocals), Dave Kerman (drums), Matthieu Safatly (cello), Pierre Desassis (saxophone)

In 1994, Present reconvened with C.O.D. Performance, which Cuneiform declined to issue stateside due to the album’s lyrical content. A pair of red-covered albums, Certitudes and N° 6, rounded out the 20th century. Three further albums appeared at four-year intervals during the 2000s.


  • Triskaidékaphobie (1980)
  • Le Poison qui Rend Fou (1985)
  • C.O.D. Performance (1994)
  • Live! (1996)
  • Certitudes (1998)
  • N° 6 (1999)
  • High Infidelity (2001)
  • A Great Inhumane Adventure (2005)
  • Barbaro (ma non troppo) (2009)

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