Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis were an English hard-rock/metal band from London that released the album Time Tells No Lies on Arista in 1981, followed by a standalone single on Jet in 1982. The band was originally active between 1978 and 1983, having evolved from Junction, the earlier act of brothers Chris and Tino Troy. In 1990, the pair reactivated the Praying Mantis nameplate for a steady stream of albums during the ensuing three decades.

Members: Tino Troy (guitar, vocals), Chris Troy (bass, vocals), Chris Hudson (drums, 1974-78), Peter Moore (guitar, 1974-78), Bob Angelo [Bob Sawyer] (guitar, vocals, 1978-81), Mick Ransome (drums, 1978-81), Dave Potts (drums, 1981-83), Steve Carroll (guitar, vocals, 1981-82), Jon Bavin (keyboards, 1982-83), Bernie Shaw (vocals, 1982-83), Paul Di’Anno (vocals, 1990-91), Bruce Bisland (drums, 1990-2003), Dennis Stratton (guitar, vocals, 1990-2005), Colin Peel (vocals, 1991-93, 2002), Mark Thompson Smith (vocals, 1993-94), Gary John Barden (vocals, 1995-97), Tony O’Hora (vocals, 1997-2002), Benjy Reid (drums, 2006-present), Mike Freeland (vocals, 2007-present), Andy Burgess (guitar, 2007-present), John Cuijpers (vocals, 2014-present)


  • Time Tells No Lies (1981)
  • “Turn the Tables” / “Tell Me the Nightmares Wrong” / “A Question of Time” (1982)

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