pragVEC were an English post-punk/avant-rock band from London that released two shortplayers on self-press Spec circa 1978/79, followed by the album No Cowboys on the label in 1980. Guitarist Nick Cash — not to be confused with the 999 frontman — subsequently played in Fad Gadget. Frontwoman Susan Gogan had earlier played in the unrecorded politi-rock band The Derelicts with sister Barbara Gogan, who went on to front ethereal-popsters The Passions for three albums during the early 1980s.

Members: Susan Gogan (vocals, synthesizer, guitar, bass), John Studholme (guitar, synthesizer, bass, drum machine, tapes, vocals), David Boyd (bass, vocals), Nick Cash (drums)


  • Bits (EP, 1978)
  • “Expert” / “The Follower” (1979)
  • No Cowboys (1980)

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