Point Blank

Point Blank are an American rustic/hard-rock band from Irving, Tex., that released two albums on Arista in 1976/77, followed by four albums on MCA between 1979 and 1982.

Members: Rusty Burns (guitar, vocals, 1974-2016), John O’Daniel (vocals, 1974-80, 2005-present), Kim Davis (guitar, vocals, 1974-83), Philip Petty (bass, 1974-77, 2005-10), Peter “Buzzy” Gruen (drums, 1974-?), Bill Randolph (bass, vocals, 1977-83), Steve Hardin (keyboards, 1977-80), Karl Berkebile (keyboards, 1980-81), Bubba Keith (vocals, 1980-83), Michael Hamilton (keyboards, vocals, 1981-83), Dave Crockett (drums), Mouse Mays (guitar, ?-present), Larry Telford (keyboard, ?-present), Buddy Whittington (guitar, vocals), Jeff Williams (piano, vocals), Mike Gage (drums, vocals)


  • Point Blank (1976)
  • Second Season (1977)
  • Airplay (1979)
  • The Hard Way (1980)
  • American Exce$$ (1981)
  • On a Roll (1982)

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