Plummet Airlines

Plummet Airlines were an English pub-rock band from Nottingham that released the single “Silver Shirt” / “This Is the World” on Stiff in 1976. A second single appeared on small-press State in 1977, after which the group disbanded. Further recordings from this period surfaced on the retrospective On Stoney Ground.

Members: Harry Stephenson (vocals, guitar), Richard Booth (guitar), Darryl Hunt (bass, vocals), Simon Bladon (drums, 1973-74), Duncan Kerr (guitar, vocals, 1974-77), Keith Gotheridge (drums, 1974-77)


  • “Silver Shirt” / “This Is the World” (1976)
  • “It’s Hard” / “My Time in a While” (1977)
  • On Stoney Ground (1981)

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